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1200 Morris Turnpike, Ste 3005

Short Hills, NJ 07078

Welcome to Madison

Although the town was known as Bottle Hill for many years, the name was changed in 1834 to what it is today. Around that time, a railroad came to the community, and it brought businesses and travelers to the area. A number of millionaires moved into the area, and many desired flowers each day. This demand led to the community being involved in rose sales. In 1996, the community was connected again to New York City and other communities by a commuter rail service.

Parks around the area have quality playgrounds for children to run around and have fun. Parents have delightful walking trails in which to walk by themselves or with their children. In Madison you will find that there are many baseball and softball leagues for children to get involved in. Football fields, basketball courts, soccer fields and tennis courts are all available for people of all ages.

Besides boutique shopping for wine, gourmet food and furniture, Madison is home to Playwrights Theatre as well as The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey.

Family events include the annual Easter Fun Fest on the Saturday before Easter Sunday. Parents and children are invited to come to downtown where children can receive candy, eggs and other Easter food.